Rose petals

Rose petals

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Elevate your moments with the delightful symphony of "Rose Petal Harmony," a bouquet that combines the elegance of white, pink, and peach roses with the grace of hydrangeas, carnations, and lush greenery. The white, pink, and peach roses symbolize a range of emotions, from purity to admiration and gratitude. Hydrangeas bring a sense of fullness and abundance, while carnations contribute an element of fascination and appreciation. The lush greenery ties the bouquet together with natural beauty and freshness. This bouquet is perfect for a wide range of occasions, from weddings and celebrations to moments when you want to create a harmonious and elegant atmosphere. Ordering "Rose Petal Harmony" in Burbank, CA, and having it delivered in Los Angeles, CA, is quick and convenient. Explore our collection, select this delightful bouquet, and prepare to create a moment of pure beauty and grace.